Smuckler believes a successful remodeling project affectively merges the remodeled design with the existing structure in a seamless way. Smuckler Architectural Custom Homes have done numerous remodeling projects from kitchens to whole house remodelings.

Edina 1 Remodel

The existing home had a mansard roof and a roof covering the drive-through entryway. The mansard roof was removed and a new hipped roof was installed. Most of the existing window locations were kept and a stucco exterior was applied with horizontal bands to tie the window pattern together. The overhang over the driveway and entry was removed and an impressive entry foyer was created by adding columns and stucco forms to encase a large glass entryway with a curved glass window at the top. The curved glass window defines a barrel vault designed for the ceiling in the foyer.The existing split level foyer was revised to create more light through a large glass façade. The existing railing was removed and a more contemporary and sculptured rail was added as well as soffits with recessed lighting and barrel vaulted ceiling to define the foyer space and created a more impressive and inviting foyer.

Edina 2 Remodel

The owner who purchased this one-story house wanted a two story home to accommodate their family needs. The existing left portion of the house was retained as well as the three car garage on the right. However, the entire middle portion of the house was revised to create the two story spaces the owners desired. The new addition incorporated the same stone and materials that was on the existing house. The end result of the project is that it seamlessly merges the existing structure with the new structure.

St. Albans Bay

The existing house was a split level home with a tuck under garage. The homeowner wanted to make the home more contemporary and add a new top level to include a master bedroom and bath to overlook Lake Minnetonka. The remodeling consisted of removing the outdated Mansard roof, creating a new sense of entry to the main foyer and adding a partial top level to include a master bedroom and bath and exercise area. The exterior was finished with stucco to unite all of the architectural exterior elements and to create a more contemporary look.

The existing kitchen was remodeled within the same space as the existing but all of the cabinets were removed and replaced with more contemporary maple cabinets and appliances. The kitchen was also opened up to give clear views of Lake Minnetonka.


This home had a very uninviting front exposure with no sense of entry. The new design kept the existing garages where they were and added a dramatic front entry. Stone & stucco were used for the exterior accents. The entire remodeled home was focused around the new main entry of this total house remodeling.

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